Vinyl Decal Application

Decal Application Instructions:

Some Tips Before You Start:

  • Don't install in direct sunlight.
  • Ambient and application surface temperatures should be between 65–80 degrees, which will reduce stretching or other undesired effects. 
  • Don't install on windy days. You don't want the wind blowing any contaminants onto your application surface. 
  • The wet method may not be recommended for interior wall decal application. Use your best judgment when determining an application method. 
  • Try your best not to touch the sticky side of your decal. Oils and contaminants from your fingers can affect the vinyl's ability to adhere to the application surface. 

The Dry Method:

  • Clean the application surface with the provided alcohol pads or you may use soap and water. Don't wipe alcohol on your decal for any reason. 
  • Remove your decal from the paper backing. 
  • Align your decal and rub the surface of the decal with the provided squeegee. 
  • Slowly remove the transfer tape. 

The Wet Method: Recommended for large vinyl decal applications. 

  • Mix four drops of dish soap or similar in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water.  
  • Clean the application surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust, wax dirt, or any other contaminants.
  • Remove your vinyl decal from the paper backing exposing the adhesive.
  • Generously spray your application surface and the back of your decal. Don’t go overboard with the water, just a few quick sprays. 
  • Now align and place your decal but be sure there are no dry spots. The water will allow you the opportunity to reposition your decal until you get the right placement. 
  • Once you've achieved your placement, take a credit card or the supplied squeegee and scrape your decal to start removing the access water. You may have to do this numerous times to be sure you've gotten most of the water. 
  • Let your decal sit for 10–20 minutes before trying to remove the transfer tape. Try to remove the transfer tape slowly and at a sharp angle. If the decal isn't sticking You may need to varnish it a few more times with the squeegee. You can also let your decal sit on the application surface with the transfer tape for a few hours. 

Please let us know if you need any help during your application. We will try to provide as much guidance as possible.